Barium Chloride anhydrous &Barium Chloride dihydrate

 Melting point 925°C, Boiling point1560°C, Relative Density 3.85624. As analytical reagent, Dehydrant, making barium salt, and used in electronic, instrument, metallurgical industry, etc.. Physical Properties; white crystal or granular powder. Relative Density 3.86. Melting point 963°C. Refractive index 1.635. Uses: test sulfate and selenate, Chromatographic analysis, spot analysis for the determination of platinum,. water softener. dyeing of fabrics. . Also used in the heat treatment of metal, making barium salt, electronic instrument,. or used as water softener,. Dehydrant & analytical reagent, heat treatment agent in machining operation.

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Description of goods:  Barium Chloride Mol.formula:           BaCl2 CAS No. :              10361-37-2 Grade Standard:       Industrial Grade Purity:                 98%,99%   Specification Barium chloride is an inorganic compound with the formula BaCl2. It is one of the most common water-soluble salts of barium. Like most other barium salts, it is white, toxic, and imparts a yellow-green coloration to a flame. It is also hygroscopic, converting first to the dihydrate BaCl2(H2O)2.   Barium chloride anhydrous industrial grade
Test item Specification
Reagent grade grade
Assay (BaCL2)% 99.5 99.0
Water insoluble % 0.01 0.02
N % 0.002 0.005
Sodium (Na)% 0.01 0.02
Possli(K)% 0.005 0.01
Calcium(Ca)% 0.05 0.1
Iron(Fe)% 0.0001 0.0002
Strontium(Sr)% 0.02 0.1
  Barium chloride anhydrous industrial grade
item Specifications Results
Purity % 99 99.4
Calcium(Ca)% 0.036 0.03
Sulphide(S)% 0.003 0.002
Strontium(Sr)% 0.1 0.06
Iron(Fe)% 0.001 0.0006
Water insoluble ,matter % 0.03 0.03
  Application Used in chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, metal heat treatment, inorganic pigments, ceramics, leather tanning, printing industry.   Package In 25kg palstic woven bag, 1000kg bag, 1200kg bag.

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