Replace sodium bicarbonate as for flour, cake, pastries, baked products bulk agents, deacidifying modifies the pH and lowers the acidity, Added to wort or wine, it reacts with tartaric acid and produces potassium bitartrate which is insolubilized effectively, Add to cow feed to increase milk production, Tech grade can be used as foliar fertilizer,potash fertilizer.

Products Details

Description of goods: Potassium Bicarbonate

Mol.formula: KHCO3

Chemical properties: white crystals and stable in the air, easily soluble in water and the solution appears weak base, insoluble in ethanol.

Physical Property

Odorless white powder or crystals, Mol.wt:100.11, specific gravity: 2.17.

  Applications Replace sodium bicarbonate as bulking agent Add to cow feed to increase milk production During the harvest, as deacidifier of the must. In white, rosé and red wines, to correct acidity during the elaboration process. Tech  grade can be used as foliar fertilizer, potash fertilizer  


Plastic woven bag or kraft paper bag inner with plastic bag, in 25/50/500/1000kg net.

Storage and transportation:

Keep the product in its original packaging, Stored in dry and ventilated house away from moisture.

Protecting the material from rain when loading and unloading. Be sure to keep the package dry and free from contaminant. Avoiding handling and transporting together with acid substances.


Item Indexes
Potassium bicarbonate, % 99.0-101.5
Water insolubles, % ≤0.02
Moisture, % ≤0.25
PH ≤8.6
Heavy metals(as Pb)/(mg/kg) ≤5.0
Arsenic(mg/kg) ≤3.0
Appearance white crystal,free flowing
Item Indexes
Potassium bicarbonate, % ≥99.0
Water insoluble, % ≤0.02
KCL, % ≤0.03
K2SO4, % ≤0.04
Fe2O3, % ≤0.001
K, % ≥38.0
PH Value ≤8.6
Moisture, % ≤1.0
Appearance white crystal,free flowing

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